4 course choice menu

45€ per person without drinks or extras

( This menu is not served on Friday, Saturday Holidays, then we serve the All-inclusive menu )

Crispy Mushroom and  Spinach Pie in a garlic Creamsauce

Old fashioned Cheese Gratin filled with 2 Brittany Scallops

Cocktail with grey Northseashrimps, small Salad and Mayonnaise

Gooseliver Paté with Figues Marmelade and Brioche ( +5€ )


  1. Carrotsoup with a dash of Tomato and Cream

Baked Salmon Filet in a Green Herbs Sauce, Potatoe Soufflé

Baby Dover Sole in Buttersauce, Tomatoes, Potatoe Soufflé, Lemon

Codfilet with Samphire, White wine Sauce, Potatoe Soufflé ( +5€ )

Beeffilet in Red wine Sauce, Vegetables and Cauliflowerpuree

Chocolat Mousse

Créme Brûlée

Chilled Nougat Icecream with Raspberry coulis and marinated Strawberries

Ice cream Soufflé with Grand Marnier

Assortment of 3 Cheeses with nuts, Apple and Pear syrup and Bruges Crackers

Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Icecream and flamed with Calvados ( +5 € )


* From 6 persons and up, we only serve the All-inclusive menu at 74.90 euro pp.